KCS Advanced Machining Services Helps Make 4,400 HP!!

Check out Hot Rod Magazine and see the manifold we designed, machined and tested in-house – it’s sitting atop the Moran Racing Engines awesome 4,400 HP race motor!  Read about it here:

Hot Rod Magazine – April 30, 2013: 4,400 HP Twin Turbo Hemi

The manifold components were machined from 750 pounds of aluminum.  The bolt-together component features removable 4” runners.  Check out the compound curves for the throttle bodies – we machined them on a 3-axis machine!

One correction to the story: KCS is not a subsidiary or jointly-owned.  We’re a 100 percent  privately-owned, completely independent company.  We have no affiliations or shared ownership with any other company, organization or entity.