KCS Prototype & Design becomes KCS Advanced Machining Services

KCS Prototype & Design Becomes KCS Advanced Machining Services

New name reflects company’s direction and growth

ALLEN PARK, Mich., Apr. 21, 2014 – KCS Advanced Machining Services a full-service machine and engineering firm based in Allen Park, Michigan, announced today it has changed its company name from KCS Prototype & Design to KCS Advanced Machining Services.  The change is part of a series of initiatives designed to more closely align the company with its customer base and strategic direction.

“We serve the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors with advanced, precision CNC machining services and have grown the range of services we provide,” explained Kyle Szczypienski, KCS Advanced Machining Services president.  “We are moving into more volume production work and as we grow, are continuing to add technology and advanced processes to our expanding capabilities.”

Traditionally the advanced machining firm has been known for its innovative design work and creative machining solutions.  Often that involves modifying CNC and design software to both expand its range of functionality as well as where and how it can be applied.  The enhanced software is tailored to specific processes and combined with existing technology in ways that provide new and enhanced capabilities.

“It’s all about being creative and efficient in order to provide a better solution and a better value – and it starts with or approach.  We call it ‘the KCS Difference’,” Szczypienski explained.

The KCS Difference is Advanced Innovation in action
In American manufacturing today, precision, quality and strict process controls are a given in the machining services industry, and considered basic requirements for a shop to be successful.

“Every job starts with a quote and ends with delivery, but it’s what happens in between that’s important,” said Szczypienski.

The skill KCS brings to a project and the way KCS staff applies their expertise and capabilities is what they call “the KCS Difference” and is what sets KCS apart, helping it to produce the outstanding results the firm is known for.

Technology alone isn’t always the answer to machining challenges – but the creative application of it is, and that’s “the KCS Difference” in action, Szczypienski explained.  “We do old things in new ways that delivers value and meets or exceeds requirements. “We think our new name better captures this approach and the value it brings to our customers.”

About KCS Advanced Machining Services
KCS Advanced Machining Services is a full-service machine and engineering firm based in Livonia, Michigan.  KCS serves the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors with

production components as well as small runs of specialty products.  KCS “Advanced Innovation” overcomes customer challenges and delivers value-added service that meets or exceeds every design and manufacturing parameter while delivering greater efficiency and cost savings.